Gods at War: The God of Success


How do you define success? Money? Fancy cars? A big house? Your position at work? The amount of stuff you have acquired? It is good to be driven, but are we driven for the right purpose? Who are we trying to make a success? Ourselves or God?

The author puts it this way: “success is when we achieve; blessed is when we receive. If we say “I’m successful,” we are giving the glory to ourselves. When we say “I’m blessed,” we are giving the glory to God.”

I want to give the credit to the one who makes it all possible. The one through which all blessing flow: GOD!

Jesus My Purpose

The god of success whispered to us, “Don’t you want to be king of the hill?’

“Which hill?” we asked.

“Any of them. All of them.” He smiled.

And we pursued a life of climbing, always climbing. Up hills. Up corporate ladders. Up lists. Up food chains. Up social registers. This god never had to make his case for what he was offering.

But along the way, climbing, working, earning, and achieving became ends in themselves. It was no longer about what we could do, but about whom we could out-do. 

If we were honest we would have to say that it wasn’t for the Lord or even for others that we worked but for ourselves.

And we had several unhappy surprises. One was that we hurt people as we climbed over them or elbowed them down the hill. Another was that we were always weary from the effort. Not to mention always wary of challengers to the throne. And the greatest surprise was that the top of the hill wasn’t nearly as great as we thought it would be. The top of the hill ended up being a pretty lonely and disappointing place. We wondered if maybe we had the wrong hill.

And then we discovered on last hill. But this hill already had a King, along with three crosses standing on it. And he extends us a simple invitation: “Come and follow.” And as we follow him he turns success on its head. The first will be last and the last will be first. The greatest among you will be the servant of all. Consider others better than yourself. To find your life you must lose it. 

And so now, we still care about success, but we define it differently. He has become our purpose. We live for serving him, knowing him, for pleasing him. That’s how we define success.

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