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From Healed to Healer

Along my journey towards healing from emotional abuse, God keeps placing others suffering with the same issues on my path. In the beginning I hated this calling to lift others up because hearing their struggles took me back to that place of deep hurt and suffering. As I look back and reflect on the past, I now realize those people were God’s tool to refine me, stretch me, force me to die to myself, and ultimately heal my beautifully broken soul. 
Dearly beloved, if you are reading this and you too have suffered pain at the hands of another, know that you are loved so much by the one who created you for something far beyond your wildest dreams. Trust Him and walk boldly and confidently into the blessings He will bestow on you when you follow His lead. 


Dear Donald…

My letter to Donald Trump…
Hello! I first want to say thank you. Thank you for standing up for truth even in the face of criticism and the attempts by the enemy to destroy your testimony and the opportunity to make this country great again. 
I read that you recently accepted Christ as your Lord and savior and I want to say, “Praise Jesus.” I have to be honest with you. When you announced you were running for president, I was so excited because you weren’t afraid to be honest about the issues within our government, then I listened to you speak. Although your honesty was refreshing, your untamed tongue was disturbing. By the tongue, I watched in horror as your choice of words brought death to so many Americans that don’t have the discernment of God revealing your heart. As I have watched your journey, I have seen God change you. I have heard your words transform. You have the heart of the father and it has become evident that you are being led by the only person that can redeem and restore what is so very broken, Jesus!
As we approach Election Day, I will pray that God removes the veil of lies that so many are living under and reveals that voting for you is a vote for putting God back in his proper place. In God We Trust!!!