4/7/17 Verse of the Day


4/4/17 Verse of the Day

Today’s verse is hard to swallow. We are all guilty of sin but do we realize that once we love things of this world more than we love God that we become His enemy? God doesn’t play around. We either put Him first or we put idols in His place. The choice is ours. One gives life and the other leads to death.

4/3/17 Worship Song

This morning as I was reading my bible in search of the verse to share for today I heard God say, “Not yet.” I went back to searching for a word to share around lunch time and once again, “Not yet.” So tonight I went on my search again and felt led to this song.

It is time to receive His rain. The harvest is coming. What has been sowed in sorrow will be redeemed. This is a promise He made to all who trust in Him. Let it be done!!!!!