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What Are You Hungry For?


Money? Success? Love? Material possessions? Relationships? Sex?  The list could go on and on. Hunger affects each of us every day. We fill our lives with the things that we think will quench the hunger pains. Food nourishes our physical bodies, relationships feed our need for companionship, but what if we are trying to satisfy our hungers with the wrong fuel? The results can take us further than we intended to go and cost us more than we were ever willing to pay. We end up lonely, angry, bitter, depressed, in a sea of debt, a workaholic, an alcoholic, a sex addict, a shopaholic, but never really find what we were originally searching for. We were created with a hunger that can only be satisfied by plugging in to the one who created us. He is food for our soul. You wouldn’t put water in your car when it requires gas or you would never leave the driveway. You wouldn’t give a baby windex when they are hungry or you would kill him.  So why do we try to fill the void in our soul with the things of the world that were never meant to truly satisfy?
God loves you with an unconditional love that never fails. He is there to catch you when you are falling, hold you when you are broken hearted, and carry you when you think you can’t move one more inch. There is no safer place to be than in His arms. Turn to Him. Ask Him to reveal to you the areas you are filling with things other than Him.