Have You Prayed?

Over the past couple of days, I have had several conversations with people about how they are stressed out and can’t seem to find a solution to their problems.

I think God decided to teach me a little lesson so that I could turn around and share that lesson with others.

Yesterday there was something that had been bothering me that I had been trying to fix for months. I had done everything I could think of on my end with no success. When the issue arose again, I decided it was time to call on my prayer warrior. I shared my request and not five minutes later the prayer was answered. I felt so stupid for not praying months ago. I thought it was such a small issue that God didn’t have time to deal with such a request, but He revealed that no prayer is too small and every request is important to Him.

The lesson here is this:

1. We can do nothing apart from God and when we attempt to, we only end up frustrated and worn out.

2. Prayer is powerful! Not only does it save time, it lets God know that we rely on Him for everything.

3. God is ready and waiting to provide for us. We just have to be willing to go to Him and let go of our need to do everything in our own power.

What have you been killing yourself to accomplish? Maybe it is time to hand it over to the One that truly has the power to make miracles happen!

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