Signs-Part 2

I believe that God speaks to every single one of us all the time. The question is, “Are we in a personal relationship with him that ensures we can hear?” Many people will read this story and not believe or be skeptical. For me, God has shown me so many crazy things in the past that can only be explained as a God thing that I know what was revealed was from him.

In my last post I shared how God was speaking to me through signs. He continues to do so and although I can’t explain why, I know in my heart that he shows me things I would never have known without him. He has shown me visions of twins and confirmed his infinite knowledge through a sonogram that revealed two babies. As I laid watching the screen that day, seeing my unborn child for the first time, I was filled with joy. Seeing the miracle of life in the womb puts me in awe of our awesome God. But this sonogram was unlike any other. As the sonographer was navigating, we saw the first baby and I immediately noticed the second. I was brought to tears. There is nothing in this world more moving to me than witnessing a dream God put in my heart coming to fruition. It is in those moments that I experience a love unlike anything here on earth. What he shared with me next has rocked my world. I am completely in awe. Although my heart aches for what was revealed, my soul is full of joy because he personally shared something with me that he shared with no one else. I may not know his plan, but I do know it will be more magnificent than anything I could ever imagine.

One week after seeing a sonogram with two babies, I came across a story someone shared through Facebook. The picture attached to it was what caught my attention. It was a sonogram picture of a baby that looks exactly like a sono picture of my baby. I was immediately excited to read because I know God meant for me to see this. As a read this woman’s story, I could feel God’s presence. The baby in that picture had died and that was the only pic she had of her sweet unborn child. My heart sank as the reality of what was possibly going on hit me like a ton of bricks. Were there two babies growing inside me and one of them didn’t make it? I knew that God would never share something with me that wasn’t leading me towards a clearer understanding.

A second sonogram confirmed one healthy baby and one empty sac. Even as I type this, my heart aches at the thought of one of my babies dying but I feel so blessed that God chose to share with me what was going on inside of me when even the doctors had no clue what was taking place. I may have lost a child but in the process God reached down, knowing my heart and hearing my prayers, revealed knowledge to me that I never would have known without him choosing to show me. Until I get to Heaven where I can meet that baby for the very first time, I know we have a guardian angel watching over us and a loving God that cares so much about me that he would share his knowledge and wisdom so that I can gain a deeper understanding of his heart and his character.

God is definitely at work here. Last week I decided it was time to start a new book. I went to my bookshelf to choose something I haven’t had the chance to read yet. The Shack caught my attention. I had no clue what this story was even about, so as I read and discovered it was about a man losing his child I realized this was yet another divine appointment. That book has revealed things about God I have misunderstood my entire life. I have gained a deeper understanding of God’s heart and his love. God uses what we may see as a tragedy on this side of heaven as an opportunity to draw us closer to him.

As if that was not enough for God to get my attention, I receive messages periodically with things that God wants me to know and this is what mine said this month…God wants you to know that he is creating something beautiful inside you that is dying to be heard, birthing something that only you can share. What is it that God has put on your heart that you need share with the rest of the world? That message was no accident, no irony involved. It was God reaching down to me, his child, sharing his heart so that I would share what he put on mine.

I may not understand what is going on most of the time, but I do know this…God is all knowing, all loving, and more complicated than we could ever imagine and he desires to share with us the deepest parts of his soul. All we have to do is plug into him and he will do the rest, leaving us in awe of him every step of the way.