Comparison: The Joy Thief

 It has been brought to my attention that there is someone following me obsessively on Facebook. Some would say this is your standard form of stalking, which is defined as a pathological anonymous follower and tab-keeper of another person. I mention this for one reason only: To help those who suffer from the desire to compare. Keeping tabs on another person, regardless of the reason, only hurts the person that feels the need to know the details of someone else’s life. 

God created each of us in His perfect image. We are uniquely different and when we compare our lives, our looks, our jobs, our kids, our parenting styles, our houses, our cars, etc., we are ultimately revealing to God that we aren’t happy or grateful for what He has so generously blessed us with. And when and if we spend our time focusing on what we don’t have or the blessings others are receiving, we tend to lose sight of what God is doing in our own lives. God loves all of us equally. His blessings overflow but in order to recognize them, we must pay very close attention to our own lives and stop comparing. 
I am far from perfect, but I am made perfect in Christ. Without Him I am nothing and my fate is death. Thanks to Jesus, His mercies are new everyday and I can choose to wake up and live in regret or live focused on the amazing gifts my Heavenly Father is waiting patiently to give to me. 

So next time we (yes we…I too have been guilty of Facebook stalking) find Satan tempting us to see with his eyes, remember that he is the father of lies and his only desire is to steal, kill, and destroy. 
Dear God,

Give us a sense of peace. An understanding that surpasses everything we see from a human perspective, allowing us to see through your eyes. Reveal the unique blessings you have specifically chosen just for us, even though we didn’t deserve them. Heal our hearts so that the next time we decide to fall into Satan’s trap, we no longer feel the pains of envy or jealousy but instead, we feel a sincere joy for the blessings you provide to every brother and sister in Christ. 

After sharing this, I feel the need to close with this: If you just read this and have never accepted Christ into your heart or need to reignite your relationship with Jesus, please contact me. I want to pray that prayer with you. I can be reached via phone at 214-876-7539, by email at, or via messenger. God never meant for us to attempt to live this life alone. We all need Godly men and women surrounding us, giving us guidance and wisdom in areas where we struggle. We will have days of weakness and that is when we need our Christian friends and mentors the most.


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