One Day Your Prince Will Come…

We live in a day and age where most women are anxiously awaiting the day she meets her prince charming, has the wedding of her dreams, and lives happily ever after. I will be the first to admit that my dreaming about that started as a young girl. I was in love with Disney movies that portrayed the beautiful young girl meeting the handsome young boy and falling head over hills in love at first sight. I never saw the harm in that thinking until I was divorced and those thoughts crept into my mind again. I was given a second chance to choose more wisely and this time I was going to be smart, or so I thought. Lucky for me, God intervened before I had the chance to make another not so wise decision. In the midst of my delusional thinking based on fairy tales from my childhood, I found myself actually looking for “My Prince Charming” or “My knight in shining armor”, depending on the fairy tale I wanted to partake in at the time. At one point, I even met a man that I called “My Prince Charming” after only knowing him for a few days. So it is no surprise that when that relationship never really began, I was heartbroken. But it wasn’t long until Price Charming #2 and I crossed paths. Needless to say, that one didn’t last either and I found myself alone, confused and done with looking for a man that didn’t exist. That is when I met Jesus face to face. There I found the man I had always been longing for. The one who would love me unconditionally, treat me like a true princess and never leave me or forsake me. I believe that God puts that desire in each and every heart of every daughter of The King, but we don’t even put him in that category because we want someone we can see, hear, and touch in the flesh.

I share all of that because I run across people all the time that label their significant other their Prince Charming. Girls, there is no such man that exists. All men are human and all men will disappoint you at some point, leaving you hurt and confused because you thought he would be the perfect man like the ones you grew up watching in movies. The only perfect man was Jesus and he longs to sweep you off your feet and spend the rest of your life showing you just how much he loves you. So why settle for less than the best? I promise you this, once you give Jesus your heart, he will guide you to the man he created just for you. Until then, don’t be surprised when each and every man you meet falls short of the man you envisioned in your mind. Because no man can fill the space in your soul that only God was meant to fill.

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