Wonder Woman Come Forth

I want to take a minute to be candid about something I struggle with. I am a victor that was once a victim of abuse. The abuse was mental, emotional and spiritual and it occurred for such a long period of time that it literally changed who I was becoming. I went from being an outgoing, free spirit that loved being around people to an introverted, broken hearted soul that stopped believing that others cared about anyone other than themselves.

A few years ago I was able to get healing and have been slowly returning to the woman that was buried under tons of pain and suffering. But I have learned that although I have healed mentally, when someone attempts to control or manipulate me, I physically still respond as though I am reliving the abuse from the past all over again. In my head I know I am stronger and I don’t have to engage in dialog with the abuser but for a moment I revert back to that broken, beaten down woman I once was.

This occurred today but instead of entertaining the negativity that was spoken over me, I spoke with confidence and strength, denouncing the lies of the enemy that were attempting to destroy me.

I then heard God whisper that there is a Wonder Woman trapped deep inside that is ready to come out and show the world what she is made of. A woman He has been training and strengthening to fight a war worth fighting. A warrior that goes out and heals the broken by sharing her brokenness with others and revealing how He healed those areas. I even turned on the movie and it started at the very scene where she sees the aftermath of what evil has done. The death and destruction were almost too much to bear, but it fuels the fire within, reminding her of her purpose.

I don’t know what road you have walked or where God is leading you, but I do know He is using each and every battle we face to strengthen us for His purpose. We are becoming like Him so we can share Him with the world. So next time someone or something attempts to tear you down or take you out, remember who’s you are, stand tall, put on His armor and tell Satan to get behind you because you have a destiny to fulfill!

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