Healed from the Spirit of Intimidation

This morning I was awakened at 4:24am with the words, “spirit of fear and intimidation” in my head. As I lay there thinking about what that meant and why God would wake me up at this hour to share it with me, it dawned on me. I shared a piece of my story yesterday where I told what happens when I face abuse after getting healed from that part of my past. I explained the disconnect between my thoughts and how my emotions manifest outwardly. God woke me up to reveal what is really happening in those moments and why I could never find complete healing and freedom.

He showed me through the teaching I shared below that the spirit of intimidation leaves us confused, depressed, hopeless, and causes us to lose our vision. But in Christ we are given a spirit of power, love, and sound mind, creating a boldness to speak truth and demand that spirit to flee in the name of Jesus.

I encourage anyone that has suffered from emotional abuse to watch this sermon. God used it today to break the spirit of intimidation off of my life once and for all and He will do it for you too!


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